My missions trip to Peru is coming up super fast! Read about what I'm going to be doing while im there! I'm so excited for this trip, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am :)



Rodney Michael Zaiss , but everyone calls me Michael. I was born in Portland, Oregon. I am currently 19 Years Old. My career is Internent Marketing, and my passion is God and playing the Saxophone. I live in San Jose, California and I love my life. If you would like to know more, just ask :)



    I’m actually not too big on movies. If anything, the only thing I watch would be Netflix, and it’s usually not even a movie, just a T.V Show and I watch all 3 seasons in a span of a couple days haha



    As I get older I have noticed that my taste in Music is changing, and it is also changing too partly to the type of music I play my saxophone too. The main Generes of music that I like would be Christian/Gospel Music, Alternative Rock, Country and I like some Blues.

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    The B.I.B.L.E, Yes, That’s the Book for Me! haha My favorite Book of course would be the Bible. This is the book that gives me the standard to live by and also inspiration. Other than that, i am not too big of a reader either!



    I am not one to take pictures. Pretty much the only time I will snap a quick pic would be the timing is right, or i’m at a place I have never been before. I am going to Peru this summer though and did buy a new camera in hopes to channel my inner photographer and take some good pics!

Skills // Business: Internet Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SEM), Wordpress Website/Blog Development, PHP, HTML and basic knowledge of Photoshop.
Personal: I used to race motocross when I was younger, that is pretty much the most exciting part of my life haha. Right now I am really focused on becoming a good Saxophonist. It seems like everyone else in my family is an accomplished musician, and I have to admit...I feel a little left out! haha

About this Blog // I'm not too big of a blogger, but I am hoping to start blogging on a regular basis. Thing's i'll probably share might be boring (music stuff, or things about my work), but oh well! haha

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    My missions trip is exactly one month away, today. I leave on July 11th from SF, to Houston, and then from Houston to Peru. I can’t remember a time that I have been more excited about something. I am anticipating A great move of God as we visit the churches in Peru, and I am hoping that I can only grow even stronger in my walk with God. This is my first missions trip, and from what I have heard from others that have gone on other trips, it should be a great time, and a life changing experience.

    Here is what i’ll be doing in Peru, based on the Daily Itinerary. 

    1. July 11th – We will leave from the Houston and arrive in Lima, Peru at approximately 10:20pm. 
    2. July 12th - After we get some sleep, we go back to the Airport to travel to Arequipa
    3. July 13th – We spend the rest of the day in Arequipa evangelizing after our orientation
    4. July 14th – We go to the Sunday Services in Arequipa, Morning and Night
    5. July 15th – We travel to Juliaca and meet with Campus youth, and evangelism.
    6. July 16th – We trave to Lake TitiCaca to the Uros Islands, then go back for service in Juliaca
    7. July 17th – We travel to Cusco and go to Service that night
    8. July 18th – We take the early train to Machu Picchu!! Then go back to stay night in Cusco
    9. July 19th – Take our flight back to Lima, and go to Service in the evening with Campus youth
    10. July 20th-21st – Spend the last two days in Lima touring, and attending services
    11. July 22nd – Arrive in Houston, and fly back to SF to go HOME!



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